Council Agendas

Council Agendas

Procedural Matters

The Council Meetings proceed according to an agenda that outlines the matters to be considered, as well as, the order in which they will be addressed. The agenda is prepared by Municipal Staff and the Council Members typically receive a copy several days prior to meetings. It is also published on this web site at that time.
To view or download the current Council Meeting Agenda click on the following link:

Full Council Meeting Package Click Here    (Available the Friday afternoon prior to the Council Meeting)


The Council Meeting package is in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader to view the council meeting package.


Please note that in order to have official standing at a Council Meeting, a person or group must first contact the Clerk's Department to arrange for status as a delegation. 

If an organization wishes to address the Council, it is recommended that one person be chosen to speak for the group.  Delegations are allowed up to 15 minutes to address Council.  For more details please refer to the Procedural By-law - Section 18.

Following the decision of the Council, interested parties are advised of the outcome of the issue. Remember, as a citizen, you have the right to express your opinions to your elected representatives.

Your input may just be the catalyst for the Council decision on a vital issue.


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