Policing Services Survey

The Township of Perth South Municipal Policing Survey


The Township of Perth South is currently policed by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Staff and Council have been investigating other options, specifically with the Stratford Police Service to determine if they offer the same level of police services at a reduced cost to the Township. The Stratford Police Services attended the May 23, 2017 Council meeting to present their policing services presentation. This presentation along with additional information can be found through a single link on the Township’s website.

Council would like to hear from you with any questions that you may have in regards to policing services in Perth South. We have created a Municipal Policing Survey that will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have with regard to the two (2) police services.

Surveys are available electronically on our website and in hard copy at the Township Office. Staff will be providing a report to Council at the June 20, 2017 meeting with the questions received through the survey and associated answers.

Have your say today! Questions must be submitted no later than Thursday June 9, 2017.

Perth South Policing Survey    * June 20, 2017 Update:  Survey results for policing services in Perth South, read the report plus the survey questions and answers.

Stratford Police Services - information in a power point presentation format.  If you have questions after reading this information please contact the Township office.

Ontario Provincial Police - Information in a PowerPoint presentation format.  If you have questions after reading this information please contact the Township office.

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