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Community Visioning - Strategic Planning

The Township of Perth South Council, at its meeting on August 21, 2012, approved the Township of Perth South Corporate Strategic Plan 2012-2017   Part I  &  Part II


The Township of Perth South is currently experiencing great challenges and great opportunities.  As a result, the Council determined that they should undertake a strategic planning process to develop the Township's long-term vision and goals and ultimately develop an action plan to achieve those goals.

The purpose of the sessions is to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and to create a Vision for our Community. 

Previous Community Vision Sessions

A community visioning public forum was held on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Downie Optimist Community Centre. This session was facilitated by Millier, Dickinson and Blais, strategic planning consultants that were hired by the Township to conduct this study.

March 2009 and September 2009.  These sessions were attended by about 50 local citizens interested in helping us to develop and realize our long-term vision for the future.  The following two summary reports have been prepared by the facilitators following the Community Visioning Public Forums: 

    SWOT Analysis: Examining the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats 

    Visioning Session: Examining the what to do in the next five years

By developing a collective vision, with public input, the Council will be able to effectively plan the future, maximize its resources, and communicate its priorities to the public.

The next step in the strategic planning process is to develop specific initiatives and strategies to address the identified weaknesses, build on the strengths, as well as, counter any external threats. Essentially, find strategies to implement the visions.

The University of Guelph has offered the services of its Masters Program Students again in September to facilitate another series of public forums. These sessions would focus on further refining the strategic goals and objectives and developing specific initiatives and strategies to implement the visions. 

In preparation for the next round of public forums, the Municipal Administration, in consultation with the Council, reviewed the summary documents in order to further condense and fine tune the community vision statements. The refined vision statements will be confirmed at the September public forums prior to the groups undertaking the development of the specific initiatives and strategies to implement the visions. 

    Draft Vision Statements

To see the results of the 2009 Community Visioning Focus Group Discussions - click here for a Synopsis of the discussions.


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