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Not on the Voters' List?    There is still time to receive a voters' kit.  Complete the attached FORM and bring to the Township office. 

Election 2014 Information For Voters

The next Municipal Election for all municipalities in the Province of Ontario will be Monday, October 27, 2014.   On this day, voters in the Township of Perth Southwill elect a Mayor, Council members, and School Board Trustees to represent them in this community for a four (4) year term.  

For the 2014 Election the Township of Perth South will be once again be utilizing VOTE BY MAIL as first introduced in the 2010 Municipal Election.  Please see below for more details.

You can browse through the Voters' Guide provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, which contains information that Voters need to know about municipal elections.

2014 Preliminary List of Electors

The Preliminary List of Electors, indicating the names of those persons entitled to vote in the Municipality of Perth South 2014 Election is available for review in the Township Office, 3191 Road 122, St. Pauls.  ;  Electors are encouraged to attend the Township office to review the listing to confirm that they are on the Elector's List.  Corrections of any errors or omissions from the List can be made on the prescribed form - Application of Amend Voter's List (EL15). 

Applications for deletion of another person's name from the Voter's List must be made in writing on the appropriate form between September 2 and September 12, 2014.

About Vote By Mail

Instead of traveling to a polling station on Voting Day, Canada Post will bring the ballot to eligible voters’ mail boxes. With Vote By Mail, voters can fill out a ballot in the privacy and convenience of their own home. Casting a vote is as easy as mailing a letter!  To view a short video demonstration - CLICK HERE

Voters will receive a Voting Kit. The Kit will contain all of the materials required to place a vote by mail. The voter simply follows the instructions in the Kit, deposits the ballot in the mail using the postage paid response envelope, and Canada Post will deliver the ballots to the Township of Perth South Office for tabulating on Voting Day.

Should a voter be unable, or choose not to mail their vote, a central drop-off location at the Township of Perth South Municipal Office will allow delivery of Ballot Return Envelopes in person right up to the close of voting (8 PM - October 27, 2014).


IMPORTANT - If you do not receive a Vote By Mail kit by October 17, 2014, please contact the municipal office.  You will be required to produce a valid piece of identification.  CLICK HERE to view the list of valid ID before coming to the municipal office.

Who Can Vote?

Eligible Voters

A person is entitled to be an elector at an election held in a local municipality, if on voting day he or she is:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • at least 18 years old;
  • residing in the local municipality or an owner or tenant of land there, or the spouse of such owner or tenant; and
  • not otherwise prohibited from voting.

Ineligible Voters

The following persons cannot vote in a municipal election:

  • a person serving a sentence of imprisonment in a penal or correctional institution;
  • a corporation; or
  • a person convicted of a corrupt practice for an election held within four years of voting day.


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